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Mandii vs Sondra Mud Wrestling

Mandii Monarch makes her FFW debut as she faces Sondra in her first ever mud wrestling match!  Watch as these tow ladies go for it in this 3 round bout.  It is a fast pace match between two great rivals you won't want to miss with a surprise conclusion!

Layla vs Katy Reign Oil Wrestling

Katy and Layla join the FFW Area to battle it out in 3 rounds of oil wrestling.  Watch as both Katy and Layla get oiled up and get down and dirty in this one-of-a-kind match.

Katy enjoys playing dirty with hair pulling, biting and choking but Layla is no slouch as she is able to overpower Katy throughout the match.  Enjoy this first time debut of both these ladies!  You will not want to miss it!

Cora vs Sondra Mud Wrestling

After their first oil wrestling match, Cora and Sondra face off once again but this time in our FIRST EVER mud wrestling match.  Cora and Sondra strip down to their bikinis for 3 full rounds of nonstop action!

Rounds run longer in this match as neither wrestler wants to quit going and both ladies employ every tactic, they can to get a victory.  Nothing is off the table in this match, including tearing off the tops of their opponents.  Watch this for a surprise ending you will not soon forget!

Cora vs Sondra Oil Wrestling

Cora and Sondra face off in this awesome 3 round bout.  Watch as both ladies get oiled up before your eyes and wrestle until one finally gives up.  They both slip and slide as they glisten under the lights in this fast paced match up between the two

Our first ever Maiden Voyage as Mistress Diana and Sondra face off in this single round exhibition match. Watch both women get oiled up and tumble in the oil in what kicked off FFW. Mistress Diana prefers to fight dirty while Sondra enjoys pouncing on Diana and going for her favorite full nelson lock. Definitely one to add to the collection as Sondra dons bikini bottoms and a white tank and Diana wears her black bikini and they both glisten under the lights as they slip and slide over one another. 

Sondra vs Mistress Diana Oil 1

Calisa vs Bella Luxx Oil Wrestling

Calisa and Bella Luxx Make their long-awaited debut at the Fighting Fems Arena in what is possibly the most action packed, sexy and epic encounter we have seen yet! After being jumped from behind by Bella while entering the studio (full version only), Calisa is out for a bit of payback. Featuring Sondra as the guest referee, this is an epic bout that will put all the rest to shame. In Fighting Fems tradition, we start off with both ladies stripping down to their bikinis right before they get oiled up head to toe for this amazing slippery (and viscous) encounter for 3 rounds of chokes, hair pulling, cheating, kicking and screaming as these ladies deliver 150% to be the top contender of the night.   Watch as these two ladies taunt each other, hair-pull, breast smother, body scissor, choke, slap and do whatever it takes to get the best over one another as they slip and slide over each other and glisten under the lights. It's a match you will want in your collection forever and will not want to miss!

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